dBkill - Sound Deadener

Would you like your car to be quiet inside like an advanced luxury car? Need better performance from your audio system?

dBkill is an advanced noise control composite comprising anti drum and aluminium heat reflection layers for superior sound proofing and insulation, resulting in improved comfort and audio performance.

* Advanced engineered acoustic material.

* Made in Australia with European technology

* Not an inferior bitumen or tar based plumbing layer.

* Peel and stick for easy installation. Easy to form or cut

* Equivalent or superior performance than other leading brand Sound
   Deadeners at a lower cost.

* Not a cheap imported "knock-off" product.

* Product is used as OEM fitment in a number of Australian assembled cars and trucks cars.

dBkill is available in multi pack sizes - mix-n-match the quantity you need for your car.

Our standard size sheet is 650mm x 500mm
Available in boxes of 6 (1.95sq mtr), 10 (3.25 sq mtr), or 12 ( 3.9 sq mtr)