Q. How does it work?

A. Sound from outside the vehicle cabin is easily tranferred through the sheet metal paneling. dBk is adhered to this sheet metal, causing a "deadening" effect by adding mass to the panel. A simple example would be to imagine banging on an empty metal tin, compared to one that was lined with dried paint for example.

 Q. Where do you put the dBk?

A. dBk can be used in many parts of a car, the most common being under the floor carpet on the floor pan, the interior of the boot, and on the inside of the outer door skins.

Q. How much difference will it make?

A. This will vary based on a lot of different factors, including how loud the vehicle already is inside, and how much sound deadening is already fitted from the factory. Older, lower spec models and vans usually show the best improvement.

Q. What tools do I need?

A. To install dBk itself to a flat surface, none. The dBk sound deadener comes with a peel and stick pressure sensitive adhesive backing for easy install. For complex installations, a heat gun will help with difficult curves, and either heavy scissors, or a stanley knife if cutting is required. Removal of trim components etc in the vehicle would obviously require the necessary hand tools.

Q. How much dBk do I need?

A. To cover the floor pan of a standard size car, you would need at least the the standard size 10 pack, whick is approx 3.25sq metres. More thorough installations would need material for the firewall up behind the dash, the door skins, and boot for example. Please contact us if you need to purchase a large quantity.